Championing British Produce 

The majority of our suppliers are entrepreneurs and small food lead producers that are submerged within an innovative food community. Our culinary team is influenced by a dynamic culture that nurtures artisan producers, focusing on provenance, methodology and quality. We have an eclectic range of chefs with vast experience among them, and our chefs are driven by passion, innovation and talent, with a resounding belief in British produce. We also pride ourselves in only working with small producers that have been recognised either by their industry standards or have gained government accreditation.

Our Meat

Gold Authority Industry accredited

All our butchers are passionate family run businesses, from Wilshire and Sutton Bank in the North York Moors National Park. Their primary aim is to supply the highest quality meat from small farms using rare breed cattle which are treated with the upmost respect.

Our butchers are Gold Authority Industry accredited and award winning who pride themselves on using traditional farming methods that produce high quality, beautiful tasting produce.

Our Vegetables

Homegrown from British farms

Borough Market London, is where our fruit and vegetable suppliers are based.

They are well established Merchants who have a vast network of British Farms within their supply chain therefore enabling them to provide superior British seasonal products, strawberries from Kent, Potatoes from Cambridgeshire, wild garlic from Dorset.

We are proud to state that 95% of Peyton and Byrne fruit & vegetables are homegrown from British farms.

Our Fish

Sustainable and responsible

Our fishmongers are based in Cornwall and the fish that they source is landed into local ports of Newlyn, Looe, Plymouth and St. Ives and is bought and sold by vessel therefore each fish we buy can be traced to the boat which caught it.

Only sustainable species are caught and they maintain the government standard quota. There have contributed vastly to environmentally responsible fishing and have reduced their own carbon footprint by 83% since 2010.