Tuesday 10th April 2018 05:30:58 PM

During the last half an hour of trading in the National Café (grab and go), dining rooms, Espresso bar and IWM Café, food nearing its expiry date will be sold at a 50% discount.

As well as getting a bargain, you’ll also be helping a good cause by snapping up the deals. The new initiative is designed to address the issue of food waste in the retail industry, as the discounted food would otherwise be thrown away.

Currently, we waste almost 40% of all the food we produce worldwide. It’s thought that 28% of our planet’s agricultural land is used to produce food that doesn’t even make it as far as a plate; and worse still, when this rots in landfill it releases damaging pollutants that can be up to 100 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

In fact, it has been found that 20% of the UK’s greenhouse gases are associated with food production, distribution and storage. If we were to eat all the edible food we throw away, we’d save CO2 emissions that would equate to taking one in four cars off the road, whilst it is estimated that wasted food from the USA, Europe and Asia could feed the world three times over.* (Research by toogoodtogo.co.uk)