White Park cattle were once very popular in Britain, but sadly fell out of favour for easier and quicker growing cattle. Herd numbers dwindled so much that during WWII, Winston Churchill actually had a trio of breeding White Park sent to the USA for safe keeping! Things got worse though, and by the 1970s only two herds remained in Britain.

Thankfully, Bickleigh Farm’s John Lean and Brian Boylan bought twelve White Park cows a few years back and have been breeding them ever since on their gorgeous Bickleigh Farm in Devon. John and Brian’s dedication to protecting and celebrating something so inherently precious to our food heritage makes their work almost a crusade.

Bickleigh White Park cows graze freely on Devonshire meadow grass, which helps give the meat its exceptional flavour. They’re reared until 30 months and hung for around four weeks, which all contributes to the quality of the meat. Once you try Bickleigh White Park beef you’ll understand why we’re so excited about it, and why Oliver begged John to let us have it exclusively for our restaurants. Frankly, it’s too good to share!