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New York

At Shake Shack, I queued for a really long time to get a burger. The concept of the place is really good, and the price is right, but I don’t get what all the fuss is about. It was fine, but don’t expect a gastro burger by any standards. ABC Kitchen was another eatery that I found to be very orientated around the idea of comfort food. It seems like New York has been looking at England and drawing inspiration.

I visited Eataly, which for those unacquainted is an enormous complex of food stores and restaurants; it was absolutely packed and not dissimilar to an Italian version of Wholefoods in New York. A courageous idea, but so souped-up that it could only be pulled off on this scale in America. I thought it was fine as a spectacle but quite difficult to get right, as well as being busy and expensive.

This sounds like I couldn’t find anything decent in New York, but we had a great trip to Momofuku’s. The place to go, we went uptown for Saturday lunch and despite reports that you can’t get a table, it was deserted. My advice is to just turn up- prices are very reasonable.

Finally, the city is beginning to feel a bit overloaded with food trucks. I sung the praises of the British version in a previous blog, and they are great, but we were genuinely worried about getting run over. There were wagons selling everything, from Caipirinhas to popcorn. A treat for the eyes or tastebuds, but watch your step!

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